Reference market: EUREX

Advantages: Liquidity, efficiency, bidirectional flow

Features: This type of management falls within the Market Neutral area and it only invests in the Eurex market.

Although it uses leverage tools, it keeps volatility under control thanks to a strategy which does not act directionally but rather exploits the differently decreasing value of options on strike of with different expiry dates.

Key points:

  • Innovative and exclusive product;
  • Short-term payable investment;
  • Higher performance objectives than the market average;
  • Access to a portion of the market which is commonly reserved to Hedge Funds.

History: this strategy was born by adjusting Calendar Spread techniques and other option strategies, and it allows to exploit chances of success for the client’s own benefit as well as keep potential losses under control.


Within this field we offer a set of personalized management services thoroughly aided by technology devices, which perfectly suit this type of market.

We offer completely automated management services in collaboration with some of the most important Italian software houses thanks to the collaboration with the main European brokers.

Moreover, we can offer more traditional types of management services which are, however, based on quantitative models; this is because we believe that traditional trading encounters objective challenges in the forex market.